CFEF Scholarship Application

The Cy-Fair Educational Foundation ("CFEF") is an educational non-profit 501(c)3 organization chartered under the laws of the state of Texas on May 20, 1970 to provide scholarships for qualified graduates of the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District.


Deadline for students to apply for the Leonard Brautigam Center Scholarship is October 30, 2019. Scholarships are only available to graduating seniors from this campus.


If you previously submitted an application and would like to update it before the deadline, enter the email address and password you used.

Part One: Personal Information

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Please check EACH scholarships you wish to apply for:
13. Edwin C. Schroeder Trust Scholarship(s) - Awards in the estimated amount of $1,500 for students attending a campus of the Lone Star College system. Awards available starting in the fall semester and total awards determined based on available funding.

Part Two: Financial Information

This section applies to Applicant and Parent(s)/Guardian(s)

If you are chosen as a finalist, your acceptance is subject to the CFEF verification of your submitted high school transcript and tax return information.

Please supply your parent's adjusted gross income as shown on last year's federal income tax return.

Part Three: Activities Information

List on this page the names of all organizations, societies, and/or clubs that you have been or are presently a member of during your 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade years. Also include religious activities, community service involvement, honors, leadership positions or special recognitions you have received.

Part Four: Applicant Essay

In the space below, the STUDENT/APPLICANT is to write a grammatically correct essay which provides background information you feel would demonstrate why you are deserving of a scholarship and financial assistance. Please include any special circumstances that may help to qualify you for student aid. Please include your career/educational/life goals. This is an important and critical section used in the evaluation of your application, so please use this as an opportunity to be thorough and provide reasons why you should be a selected applicant. (Essay space expands)

Part Five: Confirm and Submit

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